Everyone I know is busy (and so am I!).  Why should you add another task to your ‘to do’  list?  Is it worth spending time on your LinkedIn profile and figuring out how to use LinkedIn?

If your answers to any of the following questions is YES, then add LinkedIn to your list of business activities.

1. Looking for a job?

2. Need to research companies? Prospects?

3. Looking to gain information on business topics?

4. Want to raise your profile? Your company’s profile?

5. Need to build a professional network?

6. Want to reinforce current business relationships?

7. Want to spot potential business opportunities?

8. Want to help others with their business queries?

9. Want to introduce your contacts to other contacts?

10. Want to market your services?

11. Need to meet key business decision makers?

12. Want to be known for your skills and expertise?

13. Want to know what people are saying about your company?

14. Do you need to track trends in your industry? Or in the business sectors you serve?

LinkedIn can help you achieve these goals in a time efficient and effective way.  Add LinkedIn to your business activities — you won’t be sorry!

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