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The team at Gelbergs, a London law firm, knew they should be using LinkedIn to market their services but there was no consistency or coordination in the way it was being used. Some partners were using it to broadcast messages and connect with people they already knew and others were not really using it at all.

The first thing Emily did at the group workshop was to bring everyone up to speed on the different ways LinkedIn could help the firm, as some of the team were not convinced about the benefits of using it. At a lively training session, Emily’s friendly style inspired the team to open up and discuss and explore various ways LinkedIn could help Gelbergs raise its profile, develop business and attract new clients.

What We Did

  • Developed a brand message containing keywords that would ensure the company message was reflected in individual profiles, to increase Gelbergs’ visibility through the LinkedIn search ranking and SEO.
  • Explained how to use the search function in depth, which is something they had not used before.
  • Facilitated a debate among the staff to help them understand and explore the benefits of LinkedIn.
  • Facilitated team work and exercises to teach the team how to use LinkedIn to prospect for clients.
  • Supplied a formal follow-up report with further recommendations to help them generate business through LinkedIn.

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I discovered LinkedIn the year before last. I wasn’t aware of its full potential but felt we ought to be using it a lot more than we were. Emily is very engaging and approachable; she made what might have seemed like a scary prospect comfortable for people. She showed us how to look at LinkedIn from a real marketing perspective, not just a training session, and showed us how it could benefit us. The training has been extremely valuable, and we are all using LinkedIn every day, integrating it with the way we communicate and promote the firm, our newsletter, workshops and our regular comments on newsworthy stories.

Emmajane Taylor-Moran

Head of Employment Law, Gelbergs

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