How strong is your online business network?

In the Metro newspaper on 11 Feb 2014, I read an excellent article entitled 'Our friend can be fake, like it or not'. It was all about how 'likes' and followers on Facebook and Twitter are now being bought and sold. This made me start thinking about the value of...

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Harnessing your Staff’s use of Social Media

I recently read an excellent blog post via LinkedIn by Clara Shih entitled "What's the Endgame for Social Media?."  In this post, she talks about how companies are currently using social media and the new trends emerging.  She mentioned a trend I have seen myself as a...

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LinkedIn Groups: A great way to raise your profile

If you want to raise your profile, then LinkedIn Group involvement is a must! If you want to raise your profile with potential prospects, make sure your involvement is focused on LinkedIn groups where your prospects congregate.   Get involved by 'liking' and...

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8 quick steps to achieve ‘top viewed’ status on LinkedIn

  [First published as guest blog on Clever Solutions.] Congratulations! You have one of the top X% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012! Did you receive this email from LinkedIn recently mentioning 20%, 10%, 5% or 1%? If you didn’t, would you like to receive it...

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LinkedIn marketing: 5 top tips to get results

We recently had this guest blog published by BrandVoice: For professionals serious about business-to-business networking and marketing, one social media tool that’s now compulsory is LinkedIn. 2012 was a year of change for this networking website, with refreshed...

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LinkedIn marketing for professional services – CME Group

If you want to look at how other professional services companies are using social media for B2B marketing, there's a very interesting interview with Alan Schoenberg of CME Group that gives some helpful insights on how to make LinkedIn and other online tools. CME Group...

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UK law firms using LinkedIn company pages

If you search on LinkedIn for law firms in the UK, you’ll find a little under 2000 firms are listed as either law practices or legal services (some of these aren’t actually law firms but are services for law firms). Amid that crowd, how do you stand out? One way is by...

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LinkedIn connections are human beings too!

It's always worth reminding ourselves that LinkedIn is a way to foster your relationships with other living, breathing human beings - with all their uniqueness, their sensitivities and their social expectations. If you want to relate well with valuable contacts and...

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Generating sales in professional services using LinkedIn

How do you get the best out of LinkedIn to generate sales in professional services? For a great starting point, check out this blog on using LinkedIn for sales prospecting from Anna Bratton at Salesforce. I particularly like her advice on using LinkedIn's advanced...

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Secret of social media – amplify the voices of others

There is a thoughtful blog on making the best use of social media for marketing on LinkedIn's new 'thought leaders' pages from Tim O'Reilly, founder of the publishing and event company O'Reilly. The key nugget, I think, is his belief in the value of amplifying the...

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