[First published as guest blog on Clever Solutions.]

Congratulations! You have one of the top X% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012!

Did you receive this email from LinkedIn recently mentioning 20%, 10%, 5% or 1%? If you didn’t, would you like to receive it next year? If you did, would you like to increase your visibility even further on LinkedIn?

Do the following and you will increase your profile views and even more importantly build relationships with new prospects and strengthen your current client relationships in the process:

  1. Add a photo to your profile – simple but very important!
  2. Use keywords to optimise your LinkedIn profile so when someone is searching LinkedIn for suppliers with your skills, you are found
  3. Make sure you have an ‘All-Star’ profile – this means that it is complete.  This will also increase your rankings in LinkedIn searches
  4. Increase the size of your LinkedIn network by connecting with past business contacts and current ones. This also positively affects your rankings in LinkedIn searches
  5. Use ‘Status Updates’ to stay in touch with your LinkedIn connections – make sure your posts are interesting and relevant – not just all about you!
  6. Get involved in LinkedIn Groups – ‘like’ and comment on interesting discussions and start discussions – in short, build meaningful dialogues
  7. Endorse past suppliers/colleagues for the good work you know they do
  8. Post recommendations on your connections’ profile when appropriate

If you do make 2013 the year you increase your engagement on LinkedIn, you will receive a ‘top views’ email next year and in the process have a stronger business network on which to build your business.

Enjoy getting connected through LinkedIn!

In what other ways have you increased views of your LinkedIn profile?

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